A real partner should be there when you need him most: True to this motto, for years Sandvik Coromant has been the only supplier of cutting tools and tooling systems for the metalworking industry who has been offering extensive services around machine tool line-ups before and during EMO. Sandvik Coromant’s international, multi-lingual Service Team does not only help out in case of minor or even bigger glitches in the set-up, but also offers competent consulting services to anyone who needs expertise on site. This year, the “yellow coats” can be found at the Pavilion P 35 on booth A02.


A huge fair such as EMO means one thing above all: a lot of work. This is especially true for the days immediately before the fair, and even more so for Sandvik Coromant’s Service Team as its main working time are the days prior to the opening of the fair gates. “Six days before the start of EMO, our 15-headed Service Team is already on site and talking to the exhibitors to find out where support is needed”, says Walter Glaab who has been leading and coordinating the team for years. In fact, Sandvik Coromant is the only supplier of cutting tools which offers this highly appreciated service to machine tool manufacturers: Replacement tools for machine line-ups are first and foremost provided and mounted for existing customers, but quick, reliable and competent support is also on hand for each machine tool manufacturer who needs help in case of trouble.


The underlying logistics are well thought out right down to the last detail. More than 500 different tools plus spare parts are on stock at the fair; replacements or tools that have not been available are additionally delivered on a daily basis. As walking distances on the fair can be extremely long, the Service Team operates with four delivery bicycles, enabling them to quickly supply requested parts anywhere on the EMO grounds. “Of course it’s a stressful and hectic time for us, but it’s well worth it”, emphasizes Walter Glaab, because thanks to the service provided, new, long-term and trustful customer relationships are easily created. “When one of our tools has been a success on a machine tool, it usually stays here”, he adds. As a consequence, only a small part of the mounted tools has to be removed from the machine tools at the end of the fair, cutting down wrap-up time after the fair considerably. And when all is packed, daily routine starts again for the “experts on bicycles” – most of the time with some new customers on board.