Yamazaki Mazak is showcasing the Power of Mazak at EMO 2011 with 24 new machines offering unsurpassed levels of machine productivity and performance.


Taking centre stage will be multi-tasking machines, in particular new versions of Mazak’s highly successful INTEGREX range. The INTEGREX is by far the most successful name in multi-tasking machining, with more than 10,000 machines having been installed across the world and being renowned for offering DONE-IN-ONE machining capabilities which combine turning and milling in one process for faster set-up, programming and cycle times.


The new INTEGREX i-series is a complete redesign of its fore-runner, the INTEGREX IV series, and boasts a range of enhancements and added functionality designed to enhance performance, productivity and accuracy.


Alongside the INTEGREX i-series at EMO will be the INTEGREX j-series, an entry level INTEGREX machine which aims to bring Done-In-One multi-tasking capabilities to even the smallest machine shop. One of the key features of the INTEGREX j-series, which will be represented at EMO by the j-200 and j-400, is the ability to economically produce the smallest of batch sizes. Typically INTEGREX j-series customers can reduce the time to machine the first off component by 64 per cent, when compared to using CNC turning and machining centres to machine the same part.


The new INTEGREX i-630V features a large workpiece capacity, rapid traverse rates as well as high torque and spindle options. The show component features a variety of turning, milling and involute gear machining operations.


Also on display will be the INTEGREX e-1060V/8 II which is equipped with a powerful, high accuracy table that can turn large diameter work pieces and with rapid traverse rates of up to 42 m/min. There is a new INTEGREX e-670H II featuring versatility and machining power for large capacity components, now with the option of either a new Mazatrol MATRIX 2 or a Siemens control.


Mazak is also launching two new series of VARIAXIS multi-tasking machines at this year’s EMO. VARIAXIS is one of the most successful 5-axis machining centre series in Europe and the new i-series offers full simultaneous 5-axis machining for exceptional productivity and accuracy across a range of sectors from aerospace and automotive, through to medical and power generation.


Alongside the VARIAXIS i-series at this year’s EMO, Mazak will also display the new VARIAXIS j-series, an entry level machining centre that makes 5-axis machining capability accessible to even the smallest machine shop. The j-series delivers 5-axis machining with a 3+2 configuration which enables users to reduce set-up times and productivity, improve accuracy and reduce part cost.


Vertical machining centres are represented on the Mazak stand by a number of new models. The VTC series is available in 3, 4 and 5 axis configurations and the new VTC-560/25 (3/4 axis) extends the VTC series to five different models. The specific machine that Mazak will exhibit at EMO is equipped with an optional tool hive which increases tool capacity up to 155 tools.


Mazak will also display the VTC-800/30 SR, which offers exceptional machining capacity, particularly for those machining large workpieces and is equipped with a swivel head that reduces set-up time and allows the machining of complex features and contours. For the first time, the VTC-800/30SR on display at EMO also comes with an optional Siemens control.


The VERTICAL CENTRE SMART series is represented by the new VC SMART 430A and comes equipped with a host of ergonomic features and higher performance than would normally be expected for a machining centre at this level. The machine on display also comes with the optional Mazak FZ (Fanuc) control.


Turning centres are represented by seven models, including three machines from the QUICK TURN SMART series. The QUICK TURN SMART 200 M being exhibited at EMO is equipped with a milling function and new ROBO SMART CELL robot system whilst the QUICK TURN SMART 150 S is being displayed with a bar feed. Finally, the QUICK TURN SMART 350 M being exhibited is a machine designed for heavy duty cutting with increased rigidity and benefiting from linear roller guides which are applied across most of the Mazak range.


Additional turning centres on display include the QUICK TURN NEXUS 450-II MY, which provides excellent machining capacity up to 2 metres in length at an affordable price and the SLANT TURN NEXUS 550M, which is designed to efficiently machine long shaft workpieces with a powerful 45 kW spindle motor. Also on display will be the HYPER QUADREX 200 MSY which will be equipped with a gantry robot and automation, along with the MEGATURN NEXUS 900M, fitted with a two-pallet changer.


Making its European debut at EMO is a specialist valve body production machine, the ORBITEC 20. The machine, which is manufactured at Mazak’s Kentucky production facility in the United States, has been specifically developed for machine tool users supplying the energy sector and is capable of outstanding production efficiency, accuracy and finish.


The ORBITEC 20 is able to complete a variety of valve features, including the facing of flange surfaces, conical boring of taper holes, face milling, end milling, threading, internal grooving, concave machining and phonographic finishing, all in a single setup.


Mazak Laser is launching its new high speed cutting laser machine, the Super Turbo-X 510 Mk III, at this year’s EMO. The new machine has been specifically developed to cut middle thickness parts at high speed. The new laser machine is capable of cutting stainless steel over 20mm in thickness and mild steel of more than 32mm thickness – a task beyond 4 kW laser machines.


Mazak will also be displaying several automation systems at this year’s EMO. The PALLETECH High Rise is a new version of Mazak’s popular PALLETECH system, the most widely used Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) in use today, with more than 1,500 systems installed since 1991. The system on display at EMO is available with three levels of pallet stockers which increases storage capacity without any increase in floor space utilisation.


Mazak will also be exhibiting its latest ROBO SMART CELL automation system at this year’s EMO, a low cost flexible workpiece handling solution designed to enhance productivity, flexibility and quality. The ROBO SMART CELL, which has been specifically designed to be used with the QUICK TURN SMART and VERTICAL CENTRE SMART series of turning and machining centres, can be seamlessly integrated into existing production environments, enabling users to maximise efficiency with prolonged unmanned running.


Finally, Mazak has extended its commitment to offering customers the widest choice of controls with the introduction of two new control options. The Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl control will be made available on selected machines, in recognition of the popularity of this control option in the German market. These machines include the new VARIAXIS i-600, VTC-800/30SR and the INTEGREX e-670H II. In addition, the Mazak FZ control (Fanuc 0i) is introduced on the VC SMART 430A F and QT SMART 150 S, on display at EMO. These new controls, together with the introduction of a number of enhanced hardware and software features on the new Mazatrol MATRIX 2 control, enable Mazak to provide customers with an unrivalled combination of performance, productivity and choice.