BIG KAISER launches super-slim milling chuck for precise, powerful cutting

aug 23, 2016 | Verktyg

Big Kaiser, a leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical and watch-making industries, is launching the HMC12J, a super-slim design milling chuck with peripheral coolant supply, configured to support heavy and finish end milling tasks, delivering high power and precision.
Big Kaiser’s new Hi-Power Milling Chucks (HMC) achieve powerful clamping and high rigidity for heavy cutting applications. The unique slit design means that the HMC12J applies the highest gripping force to the cutting tool of any comparable chuck in its class. Due to the inherently stronger construction of milling chucks, the clamping force of these chucks is five to six times greater compared to collet chucks.
The chuck’s design integrates fine slots and hundreds of needle bearings to ensure precision high-power clamping performance. Despite being designed for heavy cutting, this HMC milling chuck maintains an accuracy of ten microns at a 4xD runout, giving it additional flexibility for use on finishing applications.
The slim yet rigid design of this new chuck brings the diameter down to an impressive 32 mm, the smallest in its class. This was achieved whilst maintaining an uncompromisingly substantial section of 10 mm to prevent chatter and deliver cutting security. The maximum jet-through coolant pressure is 70 bar.
“Our new HMC12J delivers a market-leading combination of power and precision,” says Peter Elmer, CEO at Big Kaiser. “For heavy cutting and milling applications, it provides all the rigidity and accuracy needed.”
The chuck can be used on machining centers with conventional spindles, making it easy to add to existing tools.
In a test, the new HMC12J was compared to a collet chuck. A DMG MORI NVX 5080 milling machine was used with a BIG-PLUS BBT40 spindle system, to mill into C50 steel, with a 12mm diameter cutting tool. Conditions were set as follows: V=80m, feed per tooth (fz)=0.092, width of cut (ae)=3.5mm. Then, depth of cut (ap) was increased until vibration was caused. The result was that the HMC12J could cut to a depth of 22mm before vibration was experienced, which was double the 11mm cutting depth achieved with the collet chuck.

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