At EMO 2017 in Hannover, Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (SW), experts in high-end production systems for customized metal workpiece machining, will be presenting their latest machining center – including the two-spindle linear motor model BA W02-22 with a new machine design–, for the first time including automation. Special attention will be focused on the new integrated loading module with vertical pallet storage for blanks and finished parts which allows for loading and unloading of the BA W02-22 in parallel to machining time with an integrated 6-axis robot. The loading module will be presented as a world premiere together with machining of compactor impellers at the company’s trade fair stand. The new operating concept, which features an elegant, ergonomic design and an innovative technology, ensures intuitive and task-oriented operation of the machine.  The two-spindle BA 622 machining center will also be presented for the first time with a 7-axis robot.

To create an independent manufacturing cell with enough supply of workpieces for one shift, SW has developed an integrated loading module for its machining centers that can be docked with the basic machine. This is a plug & play solution designed customer-specifically for the machine, robot and workpiece storage as a crane hook solution. In addition to loading and unloading in parallel to machining time with an integrated 6-axis robot, the system also makes it possible to perform this step manually. It is also possible to exchange the workpiece supply in parallel to system production time. Additional technologies such as reclamping, labeling and scanning, etc. can also be integrated.

High storage capacity with low space requirement

The loading module is structured so that it can be integrated without problems, even with difficult site-specific preconditions. The module is therefore available in a version that is especially suitable for cramped conditions, designed especially as a corner solution with transverse material flow. Since the robot is mounted on the ceiling and can also be flexibly configured for specific projects, there is more freedom of movement and space for other technologies. The powerful 7-kg robot is suitable for workpieces up to 100 x 100 x 50 mm in dimension with a weight of up to 1.0 kg and makes it possible to use multiple grippers and move the pallets.

The integrated vertical pallet storage for blanks and finished parts can be fitted with a maximum of 24 pallets 600 x 400 mm in dimension. Since a pallet has space for 48 passenger car compactor impellers, the storage capacity is 1152 blanks and/or finished parts. The system runtime, with a cycle time of 1 minute for every 2 workpieces, is accordingly 9.6 hours, which would be equivalent to a feed conveyor 64 meters long. The elevator car system of the storage unit allows for loading and unloading of pallets at an ergonomically optimum and consistent height. The system is driven by a low-wear ball screw drive. The elevator car is also designed as a freely programmable positioning axis.

New control panel for machining centers

In addition to the integrated loading module, SW has also developed a new control panel for its machining centers featuring a specially developed new technology and a number of advantages: The slender aluminum housing in the new SW design not only features adjustable height, making it more ergonomic, but also pivots so that the operator can keep everything in view while machining. Hardware operating elements have also been reduced to the most essential to provide a better overview and more flexibility. The control panel also has a rounded edge with a recessed grip that makes handling easier.

In addition to the housing, the new operating concept also features a 24″ control panel with real-time-capable Multitouch and recently developed Touch Technology. Along with the ergonomic portrait alignment of the panel, the machine operator is also supported by an application-specific user interface. Thanks to the intelligent Touch Controller, operator errors due to wrist rest, water or dirt are minimized. The new operating concept will also be used to demonstrate the possibility of using industrial grade mobile terminal devices for selected specific applications.

In addition to the BA W02-22 with loading module and a new control panel, the BA 622 will also be presented at EMO. Fully automatic fitting including detection of unmachined part using camera technology will be presented as a system solution with a 7-axis robot portal. SW will also be presenting the new, comprehensive “life” service concept, which achieves maximum machine availability throughout the entire lifecycle.

SW employees will be available at the trade show at Stand C60 in Hall 12 to answer questions about the machine tools, the application and machining workpieces as well as the service concept. The company will also presenting the BA 422 machining center at the shared stand of TUM/VDW/mav in Hall 25 and will be demonstrating machining of spherical heads with special consideration of economic and energy-efficiency aspects.