Today, modern manufacturing demands machining centres to be not only accurate but also highly produc- tive and extremely flexible. This is where the HBZ Trunnion 5-axis horizontal machining centres from the German machine manufacturer Handtmann A-Punkt Automation GmbH are the answer. They are precise, high performance horizontal type machining centres capable of machining all types of materials in a wide variety of sizes from 800mm to 1,600 mm pallet as the machine series contains the HBZ Trunnion 80, the HBZ Trunnion 120, and the HBZ Trunnion 160. Handtmann will be displaying at AMB in Stuttgart, a HBZ Trunnion 160 – which is the largest machine of the HBZ Trunnion series – that demonstrates the high flexi- bility of a 5-axis Trunnion style horizontal machining centre. With many spindle options to choose from, for the diverse range of materials, Handtmann will have on display for the first time, the high speed alu- minium spindle in the HBZ Trunnion 160.

HBZ Trunnion series – The machine concept

Rigid machine construction is the foundation of every HBZ Trunnion series machine. This rigid construction combined with the wide variety of spindle options make the HBZ Trunnion series machining centres truly unique. As an example a HBZ Trunnion machine can be equipped with a high-torque 1,010 Nm HSK100 inter- face spindle for the heavy-duty cutting of steel and titanium. Or, the same machine type can be used with a powerful 30,000 rpm 156 kW spindle for high-speed aluminium machining. Regardless of the application, the HBZ Trunnion series machining centres can be tailored to your application without sacrificing any preci- sion or performance.

The key features which differentiate the Handtmann HBZ Trunnion series from other machines are the com- pact rigid machine design, the double drive system, and clamping on both sides of the NC rotary swivel ta- ble. These main features in addition to the high volume of chips that can be removed rapidly and reliable from the workzone with horizontal machining result in a high performance cutting while maintaining a high level of accuracy. The horizontal machining concept works best with workpieces with deep cavities. A wide variety of available options, from the spindle choice, to larger tool magazines, and full automation solutions make it easy to adapt the HBZ Trunnion series machines to meet specific customer requirements. Customers from different industries such as aerospace, mold and die, and hot runner system construction etc. rely on the machine concept which covers a wide range of applications and customer needs.

HBZ Trunnion 160 – live at AMB

At the AMB, Handtmann presents its „largest“ machine of the HBZ Trunnion series, the HBZ Trunnion 160, specially equipped for the high speed machining of aluminium. With a high performance spindle (max. 30,000 rpm, max. 81 kW) the 5-axis horizontal machining centre at the Handtmann booth will demonstrate live the available precision and performance during the simultaneous 5-axis machining of complex parts. The HBZ Trunnion 160 is characterized by high acceleration of the linear axes of 5 m/s2 max. and high travel speeds with a maximum axis speed of 60 m/min. The results are lower ”price per part costs” and superior surface finishes. The HBZ Trunnion 160 allows 5-axis complete machining of workpieces with a maximum diameter of 1,700 mm and a height of 1,000 mm with a table load of 2.8 tons. The exhibited machine at AMB is equipped with a chain magazine with 60 tool positions.


The HBZ Trunnion series machines are available with optional automation systems. These automation sys- tems are designed to significantly improve the performance and versatility of the machine with minimal impact to the compact machine design and overall footprint. The options begin with a simple pallet changing system for two pallets, and the options can be as advanced as the linking of three machines, with pallet racks for up to 48 pallets, with robotic pallet handling, and a master computer to control the automation processes.