Powergrip“Standing still is losing ground”. Machine and cutting tool development hasforged ahead in the past few years. But for cutting processes, not only thematerial, the machine and cutting tool are important, but also the tool clampingsystem that holds it all together.This is reason enough to focus on clampingtools, the machine industry’s unsung heroes. Products like newly developedpowRgrip from REGO-FIX, Switzerland’s clamping technology experts, go handin hand with the machine boom. Recently, Zeulenroda Präzision MaschinenbauGmbH (ZPM) experienced this in a very positive way.

“After the first time we used it, we were already surprised by the good results,”remarks Jens Rabold, ZPM’s technical director. ZPM specializes in producingindividual parts and complete assemblies for machine construction, systems anddevices. Testimony like this shows why powRgrip is now one of the reigningnames in clamping systems. ZPM tested the powRgrip system in precision parts production — where great accuracy is a must — and compared it with varioustool clamping systems. They were producing inking unit mounts for printingpresses, on which long cantilever lengths are necessary. In addition, thecompany produced components for the automotive industry, such as steeringparts, steering assist pumps and housing-shaped parts. These require highefficiency with large output quantities — 5,000 units a day — which posedsome difficulty. Among the materials processed were aluminum alloys, gray castiron, spheroidal graphite iron and tungsten alloys.

The result: “At first we thought our presetting devices were defective, becausewe detected absolutely no run-out errors anymore. This micron-precise run-outreally had us fascinated,” noted Jens Rabold. “We always keep a precise log ontool changes. With powRgrip, the uniform wear on tool blades and the tools’longer life saved money. Even with special challenges, such as cantilever lengthsof up to 400 mm, the run-out was incredible.The savings come from a toolclamping system with high clamping force and precise run-out behavior, as wellas from cost recovery due to increased productivity. Additionally, the precise runoutenormously saves wear on the machine spindles. Here a spindle lasts about5,000 hours. The precise powRgrip system has also extended this life cycle.”

Thanks to the powRgrip system, ZPM has made astonishing progress inovercoming special challenges, such as precise run-out with long cantileverlengths and frequent tool changes due to high output capacity. The highrepetition accuracy is another significant advantage.

Why has powRgrip caught on so big? The tool clamping system is suitable forany cutting process, produces the highest gripping force and run-out precision,and is fast and easy to operate. Because the boundary surfaces between the tooland collet and the collet and holder dampen vibration, better surface quality isachieved, and the tools last up to 400% longer.There are test results that topeven this unbelievable rise in efficiency. It takes only eight seconds for a workerto insert the tool. Drills and milling cutters are inserted into the collet and thenpressed in with up to nine tons of force. Pressfit expands the holder, and thehigh clamping force is created by the material elasticity. A presetting tool canadjust the tool length with repetition precision of less than 10 micrometers.Thetool can be pressed in or out at the simple touch of a button. The overall systemcovers a clamping range of 0.2 mm to 25.4 mm in diameter. This futuristictechnology helps manufacturers use materials and energy efficiently, while fullyachieving the savings potential in machining work and increasing production atthe same time.Currently, no other clamping tool on the market can match thepowRgrip system’s 20,000 tool clamping cycles with consistently uniformclamping force and run-out precision.

powRgrip users can have faith in the triangle emblem on the products. That’sbecause REGO-FIX’s quality symbol doesn’t just stand for typical Swiss valueslike exactness, perfection, precision, care and thoroughness. Jens Raboldconfirms, REGO-FIX delivers on them.

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- Units produced: 2,756 parts
– Irregular cutting edge wear and corner damage due to tool run-out error.
– Greater distortion, which complicates regrinding and leads to higher costs.


– Units produced: 3,371 parts
– Uniform cutting edge wear.
– Only a light shadow (trace of wear) is visible.
– Can easily be reground several times.