A world leader in magnetic filtration teamed up with the world’s leading producer of recreational vehicles to solve a long standing manufacturing problem.


Eclipse Magnetics specified the Filtramag system to Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) to help improve manufacturing efficiency at their site in Austria.


BRP are a multi-national company employing over 6000 people. Their product range includes world famous brands such as Ski-doo snowmobiles and Sea-doo watercraft. Each product relies on high performance precision manufactured drive systems.


BRP were having problems with high reject rates and tool breakage on a gun drilling operation producing cast iron piston bushings. Abrasive ferrous particles were being circulated in coolant fluids which were causing tool breakage and surface damage to the bushings. The resultant costs were considerable in drill replacements, product rejects and downtime.


The process already had a traditional barrier filtration system but it could only remove particles down to 20 micron size, anything smaller was re-circulated.


Eclipse Magnetics have a proven track record in solving problems for large automotive component manufacturers so they could immediately offer a cost saving solution. The Filtramag magnetic filter was the perfect solution.


Filtramag removes the smallest ferrous particles – even down to sub-micron size. As a result reject rates and tool changes caused by ferrous contamination have fallen to virtually zero. The unit is easily to install with minimal modification to existing processes.

Due to the success of the initial trial, BRP have now installed Filtramag 1.5 units on each of 16 gun drilling and milling machines on site.


The Eclipse range includes the Micromag, Filtramag, Automag and Automag Skid brands , covering a wide range of applications from low volume processes to high volume multi-machine applications. Eclipse currently supply to some of the leading names in automotive manufacture.


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