Vivabox is one of packaging producer BDMO’s largest product lines at its factory in Meulebeke, a town in the Flanders, Belgium. When they needed a solution to their automated packaging assembly needs BDMO requested offers from ABB System Integrator Viscon. Viscon’s winning offer proposed a ‘pick-and-place’ system that could handle 1,200 trays an hour.A tight fit problem was resolved by using the 6-axis functionality of ABB’s IRB 120 robot; it inserts the tray at an angle before pushing it firmly down to the base and onto spots of glue.The resulting solution now runs 16 hours a day in two shifts. Needless to say, the cost savings have been significant.Looking ahead, BDMO will use robots to automate other production processes; for example, inserting one finished box inside another in order to reduce shipping costs.