In this TaskMate™ system developed for Syngenta Biotechnology, a FANUC LR Mate 200iC robot grabs solution from a tray of laboratory bottles with a custom-made gripper.


The FANUC LR Mate then agitates the solution by shaking and swirling the bottle. The robot’s six axes allow for a wider range of motion.


The FANUC LR Mate then places the bottle on an integrated scale where the bottle is weighed and data is collected.


The weight for each bottle is updated in a PC-based control program with an Ethernet connection.


The results? Syngenta says that the speed of this data collection process has increased their raw data flow several thousand percent, and derives more value by driving new research to new areas.


Syngenta also says that the benefits of an automated process using FANUC Robotics allow them to consider that the robotic system paid for itself in less than one year.